Modern methods of material forming and modern technology enables us to do final products in various shapes.

Range of our production is hard to define, but main branch of our production are coupling elements which have wide appliance.

To make it easier for you to look at the list of our products we made a rough classification by certain criteria's.

Couplings for plumbing:

  • couplings
  • couplings with two rings
  • twist coupling
  • extended coupling
  • coupling for welding
  • angle coupling
  • combine coupling

Valves and part of valves:

  • irrevetrivable valves
  • flow valves
  • high-pressure valves
  • altering valves

Welding prolongations:

  • welding reduction
  • welding couplings
  • welding gutter-pipes

Turner's parts for:

  • out standard program
  • various parts for industry
  • parts for food and milk industry
  • parts for photo industry
  • parts for textile industry


In production on our machines we deal with various materials, but mostly with stainless steel.

We work with these materials:

  • stainless steel
  • black steel
  • aluminium
  • brass
  • copper
  • bronze

Considering the profile materials are classified as:

  • round
  • square
  • hexagon
  • pipe


On page for metal forming you can find detail information's on techniques where several different procedures are explained, depending on kind of materials.


Final products can be made two ways:

  • out of a standard length bar
  • out of a before cutter pieces

Every way has its advantages and disadvantages. With production out of bars to the length of a product we must add a length needed for cutting the part from the bar. With this we are extending the length of the product so we spend more material then it is necessary. Advantages of this way of production are easier transport of raw materials and easier process of production. Once you set the machines, they are working automatically without need for worker to do any work. Advantage of production from before cutted pieces is a save of materials, but each part must be putted in the machine manually.


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