In our workshop metal forming basically comes down to removing particles while other procedures are used rarely.

Types of metal forming

  1. Removing particles on turners
    • drilling
    • milling
    • thread cutting
  2. brushing
  3. special forming
    • forming with diamonds
    • superfinish
    • ultra-sound forming
    • electro-corrosion forming


    Forming by removing particles

While forming tough and soft materials we have a continuous scraping, on the other hand while forming a fragile materials scarping is scattered. Continuous scraping is becoming if material can consive minimal level of deformation.

Most of the energy spent on the blade for removing particles is turning into a heat. Heat becomes:

  • because of destroying of connections between atoms of material (in the part that is cutting)
  • because of friction between a tool (on the back side) and material and tool (on the front side) and scraping.

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